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Caronte Antispam Server - NEW RELEASE !!!
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Caronte Antispam

Caronte Antispam has been downloaded in its version n 23919 times
, in his five years career with against spam..
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Caronte Antispam Server for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD

It is an innovative smtp proxy Antispam for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD platform, that cooperates with your existing MTA. It will allow you to block spam messages, without heavy elaboration for your server directly on SMTP port.
You don't need to change the configuration on your email software or your informatic system, you only have to install Caronte Antispam on your SMTP server and run it in cooperation with your SMTP service.


MTA compatibility total cooperation with: Sendmail, Postfix, hMailServer, Exchange, Mercury, Lotus Notes, Qmail, Wingate,....

Supported platform: Windows Server x64 >= 2008 , Linux (Ubuntu I686 - x64) and FreeBSD [6.3 and 10-x64]

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